Saturday, February 17, 2018

Honesty and recognition.

Two brave souls believe in your book,
and would like to see its plaited
letters track closest to the contours

of love. That will come fall show sit
sue sing and grain the faithfulness
of a champion under God your head has

taken refuge in. A word crop cut from
branches of them. Smart sharp particles,
stripped sheaves woven and whispering

a silken fresh-mouthed point by point
commitment in the act of setting up
finely formed protection of an early

age-old bookmate. Compositional charm
and lock, dark and speckled, black and
curling, melancholic, mournful, drawn

mystical, religious, from the calf
to the oil of equations, a clever
skilled comportment that is worthy

of acknowledgement for yourself and
everyone. Mortality under that head
a blank body supervising Sisyphus

it was difficult for you to get rid
of. That state of loneliness you were
in comparable to the main goal

O Music far away, the cloudy stone
you swallowed has established Her.

Dublin February 2018

Inspirational source text was a poem by Nessa O'Mahony I saw on her Facebook. This poem bears no resemblance to its inspiration with a handful of words perhaps the same, most being totally different.

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