Friday, May 05, 2017

Waterford Whispers is a fake news site.

Which will, I imagine, soon be unavailable in the US once the American Electoral Security Act, or some equivalent, has been signed into effect by the disgusting evil anti-American misogynist nazi dictator currently destroying the reputation of the US and the esteem in which is held the most powerful and respected office of state on the planet.

I wud advise everyone, please, do not add to this the most dangerously insidious problem of our time, and fueling it by reading anything that is published at this site, or any fake news site.

Although some people falsely label it as 'satirical' (satirical means reporting things that are not true in a very sensational manner by creating 'fake news' purely to fool and insult the intelligence of the the Reader) - most sensible normal hard working American and EU people do not.

And we do not because we and you are horrified at this vile anti-American explosion created to undermine and breach the US electoral process, by the Russian Intelligence Service, commonly reviled by the vast majority of Russians and with the one rationale; to destroy American democracy.

Russians do not have any freedoms at all. People there cannot vote freely in elections. Russia has a censored internet, and all its citizens, every single one, is under mass electronic surveillance and unimaginable oppression that invades and affects every single second of every single day of every single ordinary Russian.

All terrified of the commonly reviled and profoundly feared not so secret police the Russian Stasi. Most outside Russia do not know this, although a few of us, that do read the news properly, do, but Russians are fleeing that desperate effectively third world country and closed repressive heavily state controlled society in record numbers because of the crushing poverty and terror inflicted on its people by the regime of the acutely dangerous dictator, Vladimir Putin.

Who is currently spending huge sums of Russia's natural resources, not on addressing the poverty of that nation, but diverting much of its incredible wealth that could improve the lives of ordinary Russians, into a process of building a twenty-five foot concrete 'Peace Wall', running from St Petersburg to Rostov-on-Don, under the guise of 'protecting Russians' from 'American aggression.'

Of course nobody in Russia is fooled, nor the rest of the international community, because as we all know from recent not fake news, Putin hacked the last US election and installed a treasonous puppet, that it is with great sadness and shame the US calls its ... no, I cannot bring myself to say it.

Putin is also diverting billions that could be spent bringing some semblance of democracy and freedom to the ordinary Russian, with the lowest life expectancy, at the bottom of every league table measuring quality of life - 99% of whom live below the poverty line on less than ten dollars a day - into the creation and maintenance of an army of forty thousand border guards in place from the Caucasus to the arctic, solely to prevent ordinary Russians from crossing into freedom, peace and personal security and where they are not under the tyrannical despotic rule of a brutal ultra anti-American, clinically obsessional ruthlessly dangerous and quite very possible psychopathic, and therefore mentally ill, Vladimir Putin.

A wise psychoanalyst told a meeting of the emergency House Committee of Inquiry into Fake News, that we should not look at what Putin and Russia does, but what he and its organ of fake news state media says, and know what is going on because it is the exact opposite of what he and the fake news say.

We already know from real reporting at CNN, NYT, WaPo and the curated respectable true news that Russia is ruled by a vicious anti-gay, anti-Muslim, anti-Woman animal, and tough cold calculating evil Stasi chief with a plan to take over the world. But Putin is also, whilst not very bright in American terms, not entirely stupid either, because, as the globally eminent psychoanalyst with unimpeachable credentials told the emergency meeting of the House Committee of Inquiry into Fake News; he is clever enough to conceal his world tyrant ambition from the global audience, primarily by constantly using American foreign policy errors made by previous administrations, as a deflection away from what it is he actually wants, and what he is really doing.

The Russian state media is the only media allowed to be broadcast there, and tells a terrified citizenry that the wall is to keep Americans out, but we all know that under the yoke of stone-cold anti-American hater Putin, it is the other way round and people are fleeing in record numbers from this unhinged unstable world nuclear power stasi state ruled by despotism, nepotism, and state terror.

And as we all know, since last year, there has been a terrifying expansion of Putin's sick megalomaniac ambition for world conquest. And a 10,000% increase in attacks on American democracy by Kremlin controlled fake news outlets alone. Published across the globe in all its languages purely to undermine the American electoral process and US democracy.

By fooling the average voter with this exact sort of WW fake news on sites such as this evil purveyor of sick and twisted anti-US fake news masquerading as 'satire', but really fake news that will soon be excluded from America's internet once the anti-fake news screening applications are brought in with any American Electoral Security act. This great and democratic informational gift to the world and humanity that serves to foster the core American values of freedom and democracy across the globe.

The psychoanalyst, Miranna Absummada, graduated first in her class at Harvard School of Psychiatry, was head of the UN Peace Through Psychiatry Global Initiative, and has just returned from all the above mentioned countries. And with years of on the ground experience in the middle east, Absummada knows exactly what is going on with Putin. She laid out in the emergency meeting of the House Committee of Inquiry into Fake News and election hacking, and in very chilling terms, the fact that everything Putin does is one very large and dangerous act done to fool the world, and to convey a false sanitized image of himself and his regime to the world, that, tragically, much of it, gullibly swallows.
We know from the peace work the US is doing in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan, that Putin is actively undermining US efforts by bombing hospitals, supplying crazed anti-Christian religious fanatics killing in the name of their sick non-existent god, chemical weapons, uranium, yellow cake and an entire industry of chemicals for the sole purpose of killing all opposition to the religious fanatics establishing a 7C Old Testament style of rule in terrifiying proportions and in which life is valueless and the rulers barbaric evil men drawn from across the world to join this insane anti-woman cult.

The US is trying to stop this, more or less single-handedly, but are having a tough time of it because Putin is now using the new global fake news methods of open media lies, spin, distortion and outright warfare that relies on fake news to present a false reality of what is going on, very cleverly, with armies of paid fake news content providers and Putin trolls spread across the globe writing in all languages, publishing fake news that contextualizes the US as the bad actor.

By very skillfully presenting US efforts at bringing democracy to challenging places, countries and people that are not used to it, in the reverse light of what the US intent is, and what is actually getting done in these war torn countries where the American military with its local partners on the ground have been valiantly trying to bring the civil wars there to a close. In the case of Iraq, for a decade and a half.

Russia is actively keeping these wars going.

And doing so, in part, because Putin's Russia is the largest arms manufacturer in the world, selling a forty billion dollars a year in weaponary to anyone at all with the means to pay for it. Unlike the US that has strict 'peace protocols' in effect at every stage of the very controlled and heavily legislated American arms industry.

Under the excuse of the First amendment fake news sites such as WW have exploited the generosity of the American people, and subverted the very founding principles on which this great country and haven of constitutional freedom, democracy, learning, industry, law, innovation and a deeply profound material and spiritual happiness, is founded.

And Putin's regime did this purely as an attempt to destroy this amazing nation of very different and diverse states tied by geography, food, attitude, music, sports, theater art books, and an American cultural mindset of fairness in all things, democracy first, helping those less well off than ourselves, being kind, not causing trouble, and just by virtue of these facts, hated by Putin's evil despotic regime.

And this coordinated and controlled fake news explosion last year that originates in the Kremlin and squarely at the desk of the Russian tyrant - let that sink in a moment. Our longest lasting most dangerous enemy that was founded by Communists - actually caused Trump to be elected, because Russia has been steadily building up this new cyber-warfare department whilst its people die of hunger and cold in the streets, spending last year twenty billion dollars employing a global army of paid trolls, including WW, that, collectively, disrupted for the very first time in history the free and fair US electoral process.

It is vital that this act of war, under the terms of the Logan Act ('any act of falsely distributed information by any agent of a foreign government is hereby declared a unilateral act of war'), but most US citizens are not taking this sort of thing nearly as seriously as they should and they will be legally obliged to when any new  American Electoral Security Act becomes law of the land, and what now is called creating and/or publishing so called satirical 'fake news', in the interests of American electoral security; will become acts of espionage the US citizenry is prohibited from engaging in and any contravention of said law result in very tough penalties.

Harsh perhaps, but a power very much needed if the US is to go forward once the current incumbent is impeached, sectioned into a psychiatric hospital, dies unexpectedly - or however else he leaves office, the sooner the better - in the same stable democratic fair and innovative manner it was used to prior to Putin's stooge being illegally elected by this terrifying new Stasi method being employed by the evil regime of Russia's current Tsar in all but name.

Real Americans do not engage in undermining American democracy and I welcome any declaration that outs those who do break the law by creating publishing or republishing or communicating any so called satirical 'fake news' material once the  American Electoral Security Act becomes law.

And although some very nasty individuals believe this kind of stuff is actually humorous, most right thinking people do not because they are rightly disgusted with this deliberate terrifying and undermining of American global democracy, by false news written purely to make the American Reader confused, fearful, and to vote in ways that are not acceptable in a democracy.

Please report this to Facebook and demand it be shut down. Thank you very much.