Sunday, July 03, 2016

Thom & Deso


Reasons I talk to myself.

1. I don't interrupt.
2. I can say absolutely anything.
3. No negative feedback.

So I wonder: why isn't everybody talking to themselves? All that truth, drama, art, expression lost! Lost forever! Lost to the tyrannical reign of silent, mumbling, morbid, unreflective thought!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-night energy
mythic past
one in light-

Hey man, you can't talk to yourself because the Thought Police will lock you effin up dudemanbrosis.

You'll be arraigned for a Facebook Trial by a team of luvvies for the prosecution from The Ministry of Truth who talk in a language that unlike ours is fit for purpose and full of inclusive terms that show how hard they are working at becoming the very best hardworking people of this country they can be. 

Unlike us, unkewl skwares from the counter ainti-intellectual Love Police that don't kno wot wer doin, who haven't had the experience of launching a collection in a small bookshop with a packed out successful night of twenty people there, all but four buying the book, and showing the real way to be successful to those twerps who haven't been snapped up by the professional poetry presses doing the work of Culture on the American Poetry Commons.

The ones that save all our thoughts for dead-wood pubs yohl, bcuz if it aint on a shelf in Walmart, it aint poetry geeza. The silent fb'ers who know what they're doin keeping it all in, seeing the mentally ill psychiatric patients bleeding in rant all ova this august and profoundly meaingful platform; and thinking, too kewl 4 skool, eff that, I am a professional published poet on the American Poetry Commons and deeply respected member of our community (Facebook) where we can do more with one line than any of those mountebacks with all the arguments and unguents of a two dollar huckstar.

Yeah, wodda we need to talk for anyway. We are right. That's the end of it.

God it feels good to be only a conceptual poetry critic, sitting here thinking, no, no, no, that's not right, that's not real poetry like we the real poetry souljahs got doin ih fo da burn n gorjaz dudesisbroman; and the buzz of being (silently) well-thought of by all the other exciting and excellent members in our gang of silent professional poets with interesting and excellent shit to change the political system of the US-world with.

Get it working, fit for purpose, one poem and critical text at a time.

Eff you Thom. Stop writing right now and just leave it to the professionals.

God i just created an award-winning Tarantinoesk conceptual flash-fiction micro-Thought-movie. Yeah, conceptual social-media stars all silent and really with it.

We need more of 'us' and less of 'you' little people without assistants to shout at. How many flunkies you got, Thom?


I have eight on a rotating basis so their hard work of having me shout at them doesn't damage the lazy takers.

Work Camps, 'voluntary' labor programs, round them up and do it with a bit of class, get The Donald in to sort this holy crap show out.



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