Sunday, July 03, 2016


Roger Dow

'A common wisdom shared by psychotherapists etc. is: "If someone could hear the conversations we have inside our heads about ourselves, they'd probably be so alarmed they'd call the police". 

Swords Odes

What we need today more than doctors, nurses, firefighters, and first responders, are two class of professional soul-doctors, and i mean of course, first, perhaps the most important people in the world right now; patrolling borders, keeping our country safe and out of harms way: DJ's.

And right behind them, at number two in the world's most needed more of profession, what we need more, we need more, we need loads more of right now today, are psychotherapists. 

Whilst many do help people recover from horrific trauma, there are a handful of psychotherapists who silently listen to paying clients talk at great length about the way they feel, and just milk them for every penny they can get by fueling the delusion, by agreeing for money with every single lie, manic vision, outrageously dumb idea, lie and word eructing from a deeply troubled and psychotic billionaire.

With the wealthiest and least principled of this profession becoming indispensable gurus to wealthy functioning mentally ill and psychotic million and billionaires, agreeing with people that need sectioning into mental hospitals, but are so wealthy it's not gonna happen without a tussle; and before we know it are on 30,000 dollars a week hanging round a global narcissist thinking, 'it's this easy, eff me this is bonkers. Yeh that's right Tyga and Karmwae, deep.

Of course, that's right, yep, of course, i've always said that, agree, agree, agree, you'd know far better than me, yep, yep, totally, as we've said, well , they're calling you the New Messiah, well yeh, of course, America needs you; and think, think Donald, come on and think hard, and yeh, harder, all the way, of course it's working, and remember, hardest when the Slug gets here with terms from the Programming Department of HBO Television Monster Series, Monsters Big Day Out At The Psychotherapists. 

Yep, yep, you first, ok me, yup all the way, explain, yep, of course, of course, it'll be a cinch, yip, yup, it's vile, yuh, urgh, losers, bums, nobody needs em, nobody loves em, they're haters Donald.'

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