Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Gobyohlat Armchairbro's Gaff

I know many on these threads will vividly recall the intensity of the Obama 2008 summer (at the discussion forum Harriet.). America was hemorrhaging debt, treasure and blood at an unprecedented level.

And the only reason I became interested in US politics for the first time in my life as a forty-one year old English emigrant four years in Dublin with few Irish friends and a fully flowing seven year old writing habit, was because of how monumentally and unprecedentedly badly daddy's boy George II was fucking up the planet.

For the very first time in my life - obviously, with hindsight, because of the internet, coupled with a then relatively new habit of writing spontaneous speculative discourse at any virtual venue that tolerated one's Dos or Cano/whelp grade three/four bardic blather of the new writing student in a full flush of unblocking the psychic wangst accrued by twenty years of unexpressed cerebral build-up, creative confusion, psychic madness and intellectual literary silence; i felt acutely unsettled by what was originating in America.

I had never before as a young man been interested. I was living in London at the 2000 election, and though momentarily registering the unusual-ness of it, one was not in the slightest interested in the 2000 steal Jeb and the Brooks Brothers riot instigated.

The actual instigator, one discovered this year, from the man who wrote the playbook the privileged wealthy draft-dodging tramp is parroting from as his election bible: The Clintons' War on Women; Roger Stone.

Former GOP insider, arch Machiavellian strategist, style guru, and an incredibly eloquent and intelligent operator who can convince you white is black and vice versa. A veteran of nine presidential elections. Confidant of Nixon after he'd been disgraced, and now as a place-holder a member of the Libertarian party.

His insights are brilliantly poetic, 'I worked for forty years in the corroded rectum of the two-party system', and the four political history books he has written in the last four years are a fifty-fifty mixed bag of the living and the dead.

His first book: Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ, as he points out, could not have been researched and written without all the other books that exhaustively documented numerous connections, links, movements of and relationships between the principle historical figures, cops, G men, politicians, secret service agents, and placements of the various people in the build up to and on the day of the murder itself.

It is written and footnoted with all the forensic factual detail of a fine English language QC, and the frighteningly brilliant barrister's mind bringing together a most compelling and sensible argument for the Veep being the principle actor in a fluid and multi-faceted cia-mob-gov plot to whack JFK.

As Jackie Kennedy and the rest of his family, I think i am correct in asserting, have always (privately) believed. His book Nixon's Secrets is also a must read as he manages to present him as a human being. He said Nixon answered cryptically when saying of the presidency, that though he was a sharp operator, he never killed anyone to get the job. 

His book on the Clintons, written off as a hatchet job and ignored, makes a compelling case that Hilary was involved in plenty of dodgy pranks from the first time she hung out with Bill when they bunked after hours into an empty Louvre art gallery together; painting them as Tom and Daisy Buchanan in the Great Gatsby, creating havoc wherever they go and leaving it to others to clean up their monumental messes as they skip off back to to their gilded and privileged existence.

His latest book: Jeb and the Bush Crime Family, dishes up the footnoted facts of Jeb's history as a bagman in South America and daddy's boy doing his father's work and in the family businesses of - according to the GOP insider - international arms and drugs smuggling, espionage and financial piracy; and, if you believe Stone, Bush dropped out of the race, because he knew his rival had the dirt on him from Stone's book.

Books that nobody is reviewing, apart from thousands of ordinary people online who've bought and read them. The Kennedy book is by far his most positive contribution of them all.

And now after eight years following American politics and contributing the odd rant, i feel that the next three months are gonna be as frantic, and more so, than 2008.

This time the black and white binary choice of McCain / Obama, has become less clear cut. Europe is experiencing a wave of refugees created by Hilary deciding to bomb Libya and (at first) covertly trying to overthrow the internationally recognised government of the sovereign state of Syria, by her hubris attenuating the legitimacy of the UN; whilst simultaneously deflecting our gaze from her own illegality by shouting very loudly for us to look how illegal all the other new enemies are behaving. China, look how Russia is behaving.

After she came up with her bright idea of a reset button, and courted all the news and made all the decisions, covertly, not admitting at the time what she was up to because it was a secret, and because she was trying to be too clever by half and completely fucking the world up in the process.

Though Bush started it, Clinton and to a lesser extent Cameron and our somewhat reluctant political pals in Brussels are the ones responsible for Europe now daily receiving thousands of people fleeing the consequence of her choices as Secretary of State, and causing what Bush had not.

Increasingly grave and troubling instability in Old/New Europe. For free we got the Ukraine mess. Look at Russia. When the factual claims are tested, they are proven to have no substance beyond the aspirational will of one woman and her State Department vision of the world order. If Europe goes down you (we won't be here) will be no doubt treated to a vintage Clinton tearjerker of a reality-performance. Maybe it all fucks up and Bill dies but it's ok, America, Hillary will soldier on all tearful and it'll be as if the death of one Bill Clinton can cancel out the millions in Europe who, oh, I dunno, get nuked when Putin doesn't back down to Hilary telling him to stop being so aggressive.

Trump, for all his oafish cruel and wicked evil dictatorial spirit and thought-crimes, has not created any of this. Which is not to say he wouldn't make things ten times worse than Billary, but my understanding is that this space-thread is a theoretical exercise-ground for the intellectual projection of conceptual possibilities and scenarios, and the questions we feel it is useful for us to speculatively muse on and ponder in order to become better and more perceptively philosophical pooertz yohl.

I suppose there's a case to be made that if Roger Stone hadn't have spontaneously led the Brooks Brothers riot that stopped the recount in Florida, as he himself is on record as saying; it would have been better for the country Gore had got in. If Stone hadn't made that choice and perhaps Bush would not have got in and made the most monumental mistake of the modern era. That we are still trying to clean up now and making only worse.

I feel the rhetoric is going to get red-hot over the next twelve weeks, and that there will be plenty of eructions of fuck and cnut and name-calling and everyone going bonkers and screaming at each other. Which will culminate on Tuesday 2nd. And by Wednesday morning a new global reality will slowly begin. A new tone. A new rhetoric.

Oh how short our memories are. What got me into the 2008 election, apart from being slung off everywhere in the UK and having no choice but to start trolling the Foetry Poundation where i met and united with fellow trolls/language freedom fighters; Cordle, Graves and Woodman, was the rhetoric of Bush. Bellicose, vulgar, anti-intellectual and no shred of eloquence. A then life-long disinterested citizen of the Soul drawn to speak up and out about this recovering alcoholic 'n witless fok.

And though not feeling personally threatened by the madness of George II, one was exercising in a relatively new activity of writing a view of impending doom that if McCain got in and threw more troops into Iraq, carried on killing thousands of innocent civilians and continuing the Bush 2 (Cheney/Rove/Rumsfeld) doctrine that Obama's Hope alone quenched in the landslide victory; there would be an increased sense of feeling personally more anxious. 

I just wanted the Bush madness to stop.

And now Obama is leaving as the historical first working-class crooner from the bi-racial bardic school of world class poetically eloquent domestic American politicians, that feeling of doom is only increasing from 2008; at the farthest western shore of Europe, several seas distant from the insanity slowly unfurling at the eastern end of this continent and small shared European landmass. The one certainty throughout our shared history of which is its regular collapse into anarchy, nihilism and dark ages.

And so as KEB is trying to communicate, I think, 'we' in Europe are faced with and experiencing a starker reality perhaps than yawl there. Where an evil tramp is attempting to claim exists in America all the stuff we alone are just beginning to experience. Like we never had the mass-shootings you had but now it is appearing in a new and virulent form of craziness created by the decisions taken there o'er the nine waves three thousand miles across clear blue sea distant from and safely insulated from. The entire collective cultural memory of world war, over there, is one of the boom years of WW2 when war was great for the economy and improved everyone's standard of living. Whilst at the same time it took the rest of us back to a stone age. With a similar cast of utterly evil men.

I dunno what I am trying to say. Just exercising the intellect and imagination on this very healthy talkative pool of chat, that, perhaps, won't solve any great questions or yield any world-changing answers to our current dilemmas and challenges we in the world face today; but it is testament to the shared symbiotic acts of reading and of writing and communication and whatever else we choose to make it or are led to finding it become.

With three months to go, the goal of one's own election speculation exercise here speaking virtually with an audience of one's own conception of the lala land America one has never been to and never will because i pledged never to fly again after that last drunken fortnight in Magaluf; is to keep a lid on the shoutyness and keep dry a powder that may well ignite the biggun/s of literary noise for a more apt and the most appropriate time.

As the date draws near all kinds of fleeting off the cuff remarks from across the world will float into a daily shorter and shriller mix. We just do not know who we will end up interacting with online. For the great talkers who can gi tae fook 'n tie oop in nots and paint on a pig the shit that sticks and causes it to mortally fall exposed broken and with the election in the bag for whoever. This the stuff our dreams in America are made of. Here.

Even as the rhetoric becomes less articulate and more crass, as the underlying ineffable passion and unspeakable cultural intensity heats up. And unlike in 2008, less clear-cut now the choice a variable choice/s with numerous possibilities and pathways to a successful other side and outcome on November 3rd which are the routes successfully to 'this', that, as a Wisdom Saying of Cuchulain tells us, 'only one in a hundred will get you across'.

Hope not fear.

Sunday, July 03, 2016


Roger Dow

'A common wisdom shared by psychotherapists etc. is: "If someone could hear the conversations we have inside our heads about ourselves, they'd probably be so alarmed they'd call the police". 

Swords Odes

What we need today more than doctors, nurses, firefighters, and first responders, are two class of professional soul-doctors, and i mean of course, first, perhaps the most important people in the world right now; patrolling borders, keeping our country safe and out of harms way: DJ's.

And right behind them, at number two in the world's most needed more of profession, what we need more, we need more, we need loads more of right now today, are psychotherapists. 

Whilst many do help people recover from horrific trauma, there are a handful of psychotherapists who silently listen to paying clients talk at great length about the way they feel, and just milk them for every penny they can get by fueling the delusion, by agreeing for money with every single lie, manic vision, outrageously dumb idea, lie and word eructing from a deeply troubled and psychotic billionaire.

With the wealthiest and least principled of this profession becoming indispensable gurus to wealthy functioning mentally ill and psychotic million and billionaires, agreeing with people that need sectioning into mental hospitals, but are so wealthy it's not gonna happen without a tussle; and before we know it are on 30,000 dollars a week hanging round a global narcissist thinking, 'it's this easy, eff me this is bonkers. Yeh that's right Tyga and Karmwae, deep.

Of course, that's right, yep, of course, i've always said that, agree, agree, agree, you'd know far better than me, yep, yep, totally, as we've said, well , they're calling you the New Messiah, well yeh, of course, America needs you; and think, think Donald, come on and think hard, and yeh, harder, all the way, of course it's working, and remember, hardest when the Slug gets here with terms from the Programming Department of HBO Television Monster Series, Monsters Big Day Out At The Psychotherapists. 

Yep, yep, you first, ok me, yup all the way, explain, yep, of course, of course, it'll be a cinch, yip, yup, it's vile, yuh, urgh, losers, bums, nobody needs em, nobody loves em, they're haters Donald.'

Thom & Deso


Reasons I talk to myself.

1. I don't interrupt.
2. I can say absolutely anything.
3. No negative feedback.

So I wonder: why isn't everybody talking to themselves? All that truth, drama, art, expression lost! Lost forever! Lost to the tyrannical reign of silent, mumbling, morbid, unreflective thought!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-night energy
mythic past
one in light-

Hey man, you can't talk to yourself because the Thought Police will lock you effin up dudemanbrosis.

You'll be arraigned for a Facebook Trial by a team of luvvies for the prosecution from The Ministry of Truth who talk in a language that unlike ours is fit for purpose and full of inclusive terms that show how hard they are working at becoming the very best hardworking people of this country they can be. 

Unlike us, unkewl skwares from the counter ainti-intellectual Love Police that don't kno wot wer doin, who haven't had the experience of launching a collection in a small bookshop with a packed out successful night of twenty people there, all but four buying the book, and showing the real way to be successful to those twerps who haven't been snapped up by the professional poetry presses doing the work of Culture on the American Poetry Commons.

The ones that save all our thoughts for dead-wood pubs yohl, bcuz if it aint on a shelf in Walmart, it aint poetry geeza. The silent fb'ers who know what they're doin keeping it all in, seeing the mentally ill psychiatric patients bleeding in rant all ova this august and profoundly meaingful platform; and thinking, too kewl 4 skool, eff that, I am a professional published poet on the American Poetry Commons and deeply respected member of our community (Facebook) where we can do more with one line than any of those mountebacks with all the arguments and unguents of a two dollar huckstar.

Yeah, wodda we need to talk for anyway. We are right. That's the end of it.

God it feels good to be only a conceptual poetry critic, sitting here thinking, no, no, no, that's not right, that's not real poetry like we the real poetry souljahs got doin ih fo da burn n gorjaz dudesisbroman; and the buzz of being (silently) well-thought of by all the other exciting and excellent members in our gang of silent professional poets with interesting and excellent shit to change the political system of the US-world with.

Get it working, fit for purpose, one poem and critical text at a time.

Eff you Thom. Stop writing right now and just leave it to the professionals.

God i just created an award-winning Tarantinoesk conceptual flash-fiction micro-Thought-movie. Yeah, conceptual social-media stars all silent and really with it.

We need more of 'us' and less of 'you' little people without assistants to shout at. How many flunkies you got, Thom?


I have eight on a rotating basis so their hard work of having me shout at them doesn't damage the lazy takers.

Work Camps, 'voluntary' labor programs, round them up and do it with a bit of class, get The Donald in to sort this holy crap show out.