Sunday, August 09, 2015

(originally two comments on poet cris cheek's s/m fb)

(originally two comments on poet cris cheek's s/m fb)
cc: Repugnicon is a great term. maybe it is already out there, but if not congratulations and be well x

ds: A quick search on Google returns 60 results, the earliest of which is an archived thread from Mon, 17 Oct 2005 01:10:50 GMT2005, 'How many Americans dead due to Repugnicon lies?'

I can't work out amongst the names who is referring to what as it is a conversation email with different authors quoted. Moe Syzlak, i think it is, but there's a Rick N. Backer with a ken.wilson address, that signs off with a list of his pseudonymous titled internet foes he seems to be claiming the intellectual scalps of.

'Ken Wilson.

Proud Owner of Lord Valve, PMG, John Wheaton, Claude Lucas, Freep the Xenophobe, Chuck, Pseudobacker, Max Floater and the rest of the Union of Rightwing Idiots Needing Explanations (URINE) and, at his own request, Karl Rovershank (aka Lars from Mars) Supporting the Troops.'

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