Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Andy Burnham. Hot favourite double-speak.

The Torygraph has even embedded a soft-focus 90 second introduction to the 'hot favourite' Andy Burnham's political soundbites. In which he paints himself as a working-class guy with only the best interests of the working-class at heart. 'All those lives cut adrift', says Andy, visually caring soo much all that's missing is a trembling lip and tear-brimming eye-lids. 'Who could do that?', he continues, baffled, upset, bravely doing his duty shouldering the weight of cultural hope and expectation of the new working-class electorate that is now called 'the hard working people of this country'. And then, arriving at the most substantive and considered three word utterance Burnham is basing his entire leadership election's rhetorical strategy on: 'Cameron the conman'.

But as these three words of banal political trash-talk left his lips, looking at the professionally filmed intimate moment with the Warrington Blairite, staring straight into the camera all doe eyed and yummy, i thought, yeah, and you're not, hey pal?

The middle-class leaders of New Labour have all but erased and made it a shameful act to utter this proud epithet that, makes them, perhaps, the middle class leaders, feel self-consciously awkward, culturally embarrassed and socially uncomfortable. Being round us plebs. Because the working-class need to be told, by our social superiors, who know best, how to behave, think and speak. They prefer obsequious obedient silence, patronizingly inform us, that because they care for us so much, we simply must get with their programme, not ask questions of these very busy and important leaders of the new 'hard working people of this country'; and never, never, never, under any circumstance, state what we so boldly and proudly are, and have always been, and have always been known as, and always called ourselves before the simple (Old) Labour electorate fell for what, at first was benign, but, after Iraq, is now the ubiquitous Orwellian Double Speak and new normal language of the governing class.

Openly unacknowledged lies, subterfuge, the refusal to honestly engage, admit, address, face up to and make efforts to redress the globally catastrophic decade of self-inflicted instability caused by the hubris of a few wealthy ass-holes and cowardly smug intellectually deluded men that stole America. Created, in the calm Ivy League luxury of safe and secure scholarly quads, their double-speak theoretical utopia. With the American military-industrial complex merely an arm to seize corporate territories and impose the will of their chief executive officers. The new top secret trade agreements no-one is talking of. The 'development' (exploitation) of each and every last acre and blade of grass, the founding tenet of the deeply religious Capitalist faith with a handful of high-priests living as gods among us.

A belief in greed being a source for goodness to come; kindness a trait to be mocked, ridiculed as a weakness and ruthlessly taken advantage of by the world's most successful crooks, criminals, and contract killers serving the empire's many mafias. Omerta. This thing of ours, final solution to the ills of liberalism, fairness, democracy, and people power. It was all killed at birth, all part of the corporate master plan and Project for a New American Century.'

That wantonly spread its global terror agenda, conspiracy, war crimes and high treason against the American and British people. The common blue-collar working-class majority, ninety-nine percent of us who are not global criminals swanning round scot-free for the millions that die as a consequence of greed and hubris, envy and desire, of a few weak men, little boys' minds and psychologies dangerously trapped in adult's bodies. Not so much as a ticking-off was administrated for their deliberately manufactured false 'news' presented in a continual parade of lies and disinformation, careful concealment and intentional omission.

The misinformation masquerading as important points of principle the world has to understand are worth murdering and killing innocent civilians for. Debacles in Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, all from the power of this clever negative double dealing no good dirty low down speech a shower of cultural cnuts and the world's most powerful geo-poltical pricks dream up and smugly weave for their own self-advancement int he material realm, into the smiling lupine lies with which we once were fooled before the onset of the online inversion. With a big hard on, salivating at the thought of all the plunder and riches one person can openly steal and rob now the banks taught us their lesson. Fecked us over good and proper. Made the People guarantee and pay, with interest, the private gambling debts racked up by a handful of obscenely rich and dangerous people (mostly men) with their own private global armies. Money is all they get, all they have, all they want, and they will not stop until the last rock from the crack-pipe has vanished into their economically rotten, corrupt and addled private bank accounts. Then they will sit smoking cigars in the ruins, congratulating themselves on how easy it all was. Blowing up the world and unleashing the global violence and unlocking by accident and madness, mass species die offs. Hurrah! As we are being dumped into mass graves at least we will know our carbon footprint was a millionth of those that enacted the final war on terror. Fighting terror with terror until there's a handful of people underground watching the countdown.  

The Federal Reserve will be there; this private cartel, so secret it is led by just a handful of people, groomed at the very top tier by those chief execs of a business that was the biggest most exclusively important recipient of the bail out and TARP cash. Rewarded for failure, for cheating, for falsifying records and accounts, for pulling every stroke in the 'fuk u ova' playbook, and for gaming the global financial system, they are slapped on the back and pensioned grotesquely off to the Maldives and Bahamas. Their life sentences spent in ten star exclusive resorts with their friends, other billionaires, in a conspiracy of gombeen ass-holes.

Houses in the most exclusive spots for a globally elite class. Whilst us, the old working-class, are penalized for being faithful, honest, brave, true to who we are and what we do. Our class. Normal average folk in families, created, made, drawn from and sharing the one same spiritual source of human love. With which the world is made to turn and that drives us on.

Now, brainwashed and stupefied, will we wake up and smell the 
roses before all is lost utterly. Today aint gonna end if one Rockefeller billionaire, two Koch twins, a couple of Geo-political American and British power couples don't get elected or paid a million a day for fuking us ova. Tho they claim they're in it for us. Practically volunteers. Of course. Hilary and Bill, Tony and Cherie. Pure working class peace-nicks doing it for love. Who've been around long and with a baggage that's mighty.

The (non-)communication condition of state invented by the creator of the Nu Lab makeover, now clearly seen for what it was/is. Unable to escape because the global political order's Terror and Fear agenda has been successfully implemented by the very folk doing the bidding of a man that claimed he wanted to do his duty by serving the best interests of his country then filled with a new optimistic bright-eyed Blairite working-class. Now he is a multi-millionaire cockroach despised wherever in the world he is by those he cheated and lied to when he was all cervine and Bambi-like, a harmless looking perma-smiling coquettish political actor we discovered was really a messianic ass-hole capable of mass public and self-deception. All he wanted to be in life was Bono. Inside the nice guy call me Tony front was a harmless guy with a dream of being rock n roll. Unable to realize this one he chose to apply his empathy and concern for world peace in the most disastrous and tragic way possible.

The psychology of our destruction as a species and race so shallow. His cod conversion to Catholicism, the guy fooling no one that he was there to serve Christ. He just needed to convey a New message, look contrite, be seen in public the earnest God fearing family dad serving some kind of noble working-class calling, once a week in an hour long event of faux Faith, that doesn't blow up the world. His Faith Foundation charity and associated earnings, it is all so obvious now. A handful of self-obsessed narcissistic criminal arseholes. That are just one man.

All of them, the wannabe new king, sheriff, ass-kicker and moron that would make us extinct. The one mad man Kennedy warned the world about in his impressive live tv address, 26 July 1963, on the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, when he told the world the true danger of what was going on. The destructive power to blow up humanity and the world. That could be launched by accident, design, by a madman. 

Will billionaire Donald Trump decide on the basis of his personal and corporate business life of full time lies and bullshit, that his are the last words we hear before the world ends in chaos and terror this clown and his circus mates will happily spread. Life as a reality show, does it exist, if there's no one here to record it, is it really happening?

Ted Cruz, The Donald, Bush III, Palin, the terrifying clowns of the Frankenstein US that have all been worked over by Fox, Murdoch, his wing of the billionaire scot-free military-industrial complex mafia crime lords that got us pacified to accept their constant diet of bullshit and lies, bad news getting more and more scarier, reality created by the conduit of their corporate news media war mongering binary black and white model of keeping us stupid, dumb all over, and a little ugly on the side. Theirs, not ours, this new normal of a continually fucked up world in (please God no, i pray o Creator, make it not so) the last gasp of humanity fucking up the world because we didn't shout stop, i want to get off. Pacified sheep worried that people we don't know on the same journey we are all on, will judge us, in silence, the new normal. Nobody knows what to think anymore.

Reality a lottery and now life a game show, that, when when it all blows up, will you retreat into a bunker there with all their schemes and plans, of greed and wealth, the privilege of princes, potentates and kings. Founded on a short lived political gimmick. Man the ape we cannot change. Dangerous and deluded, we do not need another spineless Blairite Burnham. Fuck off ye plazzy Manc tossa. 


Please forgive me, i am getting homesick, so apologies in advance. Slainte. Good luck. Goodbye. God bless. Grá agus síocháin.

May the powers of fate and dán make all our poetry airborne. Pauline Swords, Her halo all around us is the angelic source of our collective will to carry on. i Her only son and beloved earthly servant, poem of the living flame, that lit and writ this one to be, a devoted guardian spirit and the keeper of Her memory; Kevin Desmond. i love you Mum. A chuisle no chroí.

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