Thursday, June 14, 2007

Poetry by Alexa Chung (popworld)

Study of an Adventurer

The Lost River

Sam found a Lost River
And was immediately disappointed.

'It's just like all the rest,' he said
Colouring his maps.
here she makes a meal of a moment that curses everyone and, as Charlou once said: "Everyone's pink on the inside"

Sam finds Pox and Pox finds Sam

Sam went to Africa
To search for new diseases.

Caught a little pox
From a frog in the jungle,

Drew the rash
With coloured pencils

And plugged himself
With ancient herbs.

'I wonder,'
His mind was wandering,

'If the disease finds us
As much as we find it?'

Sam spent the rest of the year
Looking for a notebook

That was smaller
And more neatly coloured

Than his own.

here she opens her heart a little, making a move towards the blessed regime of poesie with an almost Gericaultian assault on the senses. later, you can read the tears as they run down the page.

Underestimating the locals

'Never,' said Sam
'Underestimate the locals.

'You never know
When a pygmy might strike.

'They're unpredictable
And nippy little fellahs.'

One time, Sam got caught
In what he thought was a net.

Turned out to be a hole
With no way out.

'If they eat me,
I'll live forever,' he said,

Feeling optimistic
And starting to hallucinate.

They let him out
And sent him on

With a tattoo of an arse
On the back of his head

Which they found funny.

here is her response to the Jade Goody Celebrity Big Brother debacle - re-released in honour of 'Nigeria' Emily's latest contribution to the racism debate.

Carrier Pigeons

Sam used Carriers
To get his message across

Then some silly bugger
Ate one for supper

Using a fork
In the same way as the locals.

'Goddamit!' said Sam
From his Mexican prison.

'Is no one out there
Afraid of his stomach?'

One pigeon came back
With a message of love

And many best wishes
From all of England.

Sam, it said,
We wish a speedy return.
no one's even sure if she wrote this one and it seems like the names have been changed


doppelganger said...

Actually, my Dad's a pygmy....


Loki said...

he's not a pygmy, he's just much much smaller than you...

doppelganger said...

'tis true....

kek-w said...

everyone's smaller than you...!