Thursday, December 07, 2006


All of the words that have been lost. I want them to come back somehow. I want to fill up the space, the lack, the want of it.

I want to feel the presence of what went before and I want to hold onto that lack and use it as a force. A Marathon. Really, if you could only understand that story for one moment.

Only, it is not a story. It is an everchanging idea. A meandering stream. A coconut shy of words. A fairground merrygoround flared horse nostril affair for me.

I wanted to come back and taste of all the words that were here before. To smell of them, touch of them, grow them, build them up, match them, rehabilitate them, give them medication. Just to, you know, perk them up again. Perk it all up again.

You can never escape the rubber mark of where it once was. Where the pieces went. Fitting it all back together once more. Filling in the missing spaces. Another kind of CLOZE. I remember it all so well. All of it stuck in my head like a clot of brainswell. Lush and verdant. Under the lanes of broken legs. My memories that lie in those bloody clots. Like the made-up songs.

Just wait for it. Wait for it to come and it will come. I assure you of that. It will come, like an Aladdin box. The treasure will surely come and fill me with pearls.

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Cocaine Jesus said...

if anyone can find words, you can.