Sunday, October 08, 2006

Through Eros to Thanatos

Thorough investigations into the error of our ways found the following fault-detox error:

1. Her skin was not white enough when he met her.
2. Her face did not fit the white-horse style that he expected of her.
3. She was not funny enough.
4. One of her calf muscles resembled a banana, which was off-putting. Or, so she thought.
5. One of her milk glands was showing.

All in all, she was a disappointment.

Off she trotted, into the Shire-horse streets. Cloppety clop. She would hang around Soho Square. Under that little Tudor Home of one.

Inside, there is a chair made of Oak. She creeps inside to observe a game of Euchre. Two steady hands enfold her. Ah, I've found you....ah.

1. Your skin is white enough, so white it smears like clotted cream.
2. You are riding the tangled mane of a mare.
3. You are in wonderful humour.
4. Your calf muscle is delicate and tastes of pear. Or, so he said.
5. Mmmm. Lovely. Lovely. Surely lovely, my, my, my...

All in all, she was a joyful find.

Different perceptions create endless possibilities.

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