Monday, October 16, 2006

Sleight of Hand

“It is just sleight of hand.” She said.
The cards snipped like scissors.
“It gets them every time” she smiled.
The sharp practise of a card hustler with well oiled wrists and nimble fingers had an allure that he found irresistible.
They sat around the coffee table in his hotel room.
She dealt the cards and he poured the drinks.
The clock chimed eight thirty.
“I need the toilet.” She said, giggling.
“Through there, on your right.”
She scooped her self up and moved out of sight.
He took a phial from his pocket and poured it into her glass stirring it quickly with a bic pen.
She came back into the room adjusting her skirt with quick hands and smiling at him.
“Said I wouldn’t be long didn’t I?”
“Drink up.” he said pushing the glass toward her.
“It is just sleight of hand.”
The minutes passed with a watchful eye.
The minutes fogged with a cloying tacky taste.
Memories shattered into broken pieces.
Slip, slip slipping.
Fractured moments through a Vaseline smeared looking glass.
When he awoke his wallet and watch and credit cards had gone, as had his mobile phone.
All that remained was a playing card.
A joker.
Written on the card…
It is just sleight of hand.


Molly Bloom said...

Somehow, we can all subvert the future if we try hard enough. Brilliant play with the phrase, which runs through this. Brilliant evocation of gender interplay too. I also like the use of the card-play as a back-drop for more sinister play too. Marvellous.

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Cocaine Jesus said...

askinstoo>>>go away you little creep

Molly Bloom said...

Oh depressing that Spam gets everywhere. I sometimes wonder how the unique genius of words can be spoilt and tainted by such things. Why don't we ever comment on the words? We should comment on the brilliance of this work. And all we get is friggin' Spam. You keep going CJ. I just came back because I is good.

saltyfeline said...

nice twist.