Monday, October 02, 2006

Shaman Kidney Stones

"...might also have been the last, as far as any of us were concerned but then at Hinton St George there was a house entirely in Green Screen, like the movies, yeah? So that soon you went in there then every step could've been your own version of the abyss or a submarine landing or a Jamelia Bond pillow cushion design - remember her? excellent somatosensory awareness and depth perception for a one-eyed girl - which gave the impression, with the right amount of Renideer Piss Moonshine, brewed from Shaman kidney stones and horn, could set your entrails right into the midst; I'm talking pure poetry, made glad with tidings but tempered with the edge of the grasslands into an altogether less urban setting. You'll laugh but, back then, we really believed that the world wasn't ending at all but beginning. I know, I know... but you beloeved it too Esther, I can see it written in your eyes."

From: An Altercation With ReadyMoons: sheeping and shopping in mid 21st Century Somerset by Augustine Williams. Heristag Books Ltd. Oslo.

Fursaxa - Ursa Minor

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