Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Next of Resolve, Mati

mate with obsolete forms of meat
mate' mate'
bleeding from leech bytes matico

cerealurgy lumpen gland gasses dog starcosm fists
the hand-carved melon vagina looking for a prize

16 tiny figurines with glass stingers barbed with forked tongues

tiki gleeky intergrowth in galena which forms sick
Widmanstätten-like structures

glossarianing the matross
composition of fireworks and cartridges

baboon bombinate
sima, utrum chimera in vacuo
bombinans possit come

vainly or fantastically conce
n traited
chimneying and furnacing the

ge, yclepit Chimera Gyas
with felloun fard furth b
is a holocephalian

one of the devils best boys
of Beasts and Men Made up of p
of the Rosie Crosse, Their Cha
ydra's, and Chimera's dire
dulge every chimera in politics,
every frenzy in r

I'm getting a certain amount of light
on the central figures in the problem—what
journalists like to call
the protagonists is ambiguity
between this sense and sense

ad libitum

Fortune's Fool,
The Air-Drawn picture of

April cometh
two sets of forked fingers
middle fingers on inner eyebrows
index fingers to the ends
thumbs cupping chin

the rest

a knotty desymmetree

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Molly Bloom said...

Freedom repeating itself in words. I love the feeling of freedom here. The list in the middle reminds me of freedom. The last line is brilliant too.