Friday, October 20, 2006

Lapis Lazuli

I am abdicating my role as King,
The fading blue,
Of my lapis lazuli,
Is a sign of time passing.

It is only rare that I am azure now.

Only when you polish the,
Edges of my silicate,
Am I simply pure and rare.
Vases, bowls, bottles and beads,
Are envious,
As I give in to time.
For I am only semi-precious to you now.

Not as I once was,
Opaque and pure.

I once passed through Afghanistan,
And onto here,
Only to be torn from your neck in rage.

Now only Lares and Penates,
Can see me home.

I have no general reality,
And emeralds hold me in scorn,
In their Elysian fields,
Arguing me away,
In their casuistry,
Although the amethyst,
Holds me in much,
Higher esteem.

Not so,

As I recede into the night,
I feel I am more precious.

I argue away,
Ambiguous words,
Taunting my secret life,
I am having an affair with the air,
Only tiny breaths,
Know my secret blue.

My expressions,
Linear style.
Grates against the,
Cantos and oratorios,
Of my heart.

I long to let it all flood out,
My life with words,
In a menstrual flow,
But I hide where it is safe.
In mere whimsy.

I shall push back the shards,
Of my tomb,
Rip out sequoia,
Leaving great gouts and gashes,
Of language in my hands.

I shall be a great sperm whale,
Amongst spears.
Crashing, reeling and hooting,
Out my last song.

I have given such,
Un-ending kindness,
All of myself is gone,
Under control and clasps,
The great head of my core,
Is about to erupt.
Be ready for my furnace.

My rhombic sulphur will choke you.

In my purest form,
I am a shattering star.


Thivai Abhor said...

Molly... I really like this one, set a mystical tone for my friday morning.

Molly Bloom said...

Thankyou. Fridays are fairly nice anyway...but to make one feel even better can't be a bad thingxx