Sunday, October 01, 2006

Engineering Knowledge in the Age of the Semantic Web

Marta is playing an Argentinian
tango on the piano. Wanda and Piero
are dancing.

Endonasal Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery takes place
atop the Bird of Paradise Metatheater whose benefactorial
product of all positive integers is less than or equal to
Enrico Dandolo's Byzantine squinches and pendentives,
which seen as ancient, powerful beings following a reaction,
become an intrinsic part of Enrico Cavacchioli, whose languor,
structured as a burattini e i baracca took the non-obvious form
of a succession of corbeled stalactites liquifying over a folle
rosetta of roe, bucking the metabolismos of stoic stoikheiona,
the lambent lament which pongs between immortality and farce.

Gruesome Luciano hides aneathe the bewilder plates, a Shulchan Aruch
for savage supple Shukrans, shuttling between the averages, a free and
energetic Boltzmann which seeded in vigor the haplomatic biquatrotrialogues
of all thermomechanical escritos, an exosomatic Ahókacira of Ahuramazdalenes,
whose calculiferous represyzygest is to Michel Eyquem de Montaigne,
as the primrose is to the Gulf of Tonkin, whose wrinkled gagboat,
the Lyndon B. Johnson fluffs with magnificent ear sails and Tjeld class
earlobes, characterized by a localized maximum bete machine as bounded
by identifiable nulls, a pair of channels between a data station and a
lobe-attaching unit, one channel for sending and one for receiving,
as seen from the point of view of the attached data station, the Freakazoid
whose dexterous supermolecular organization requires the continuous
dissipation of energy and matter, Carnot and Darwin, fruck-wrestling
like Canardian bacon in an Aulularian Skillet.

The Ytka-ytka goes quack quake ack ache, and bully the quantififaction
of fluxes as a tool of interpretation, Quesnay's physis is a fold-up table,
a bridge game for merry wives whose Windsor knots are dragging,
wind-up teats for quixotic windmills, limping grists in a bugle of Babbages,
the significance of effect of drama must be magnified by imaginations,
fulsome by foalseme by foolsum, the ohrt and chortle of pure magesty. . .

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