Friday, October 27, 2006

Double Bating @The Samaritans

‘This...boy. He’s changing colour. I know he is. It’s just...It’s really bad.’

Changing colour? I don’t understand what you mean.’

‘You’re not supposed to understand!’

‘Would you like to help me understand? I’m listening. Would you like to tell me your name?’

The guy calmed down again. He paused for a long time. ‘Greg. Call me Greg. Greg. It sounds funny said out loud. The tone. Greg.’

‘Tell me what you’re worrying about Greg.’

‘I hate it when they change colour. It makes me do bad things. Things I don’t want to do. You understand, don’t you? You understand?’

‘I’m trying to. Yes. I think so.’

‘Don’t think he’s dead. It’s just that he’s about to turn blue. I can tell this just by looking. He seemed okay, really, he’s here, sleeping and he seemed okay. I thought I might have grown to love him. I did love him. Just a few minutes ago he was red and he was lovely but now... Now he’s turning blue and I can’t let that happen.’

‘He’s turning blue.’

‘Not yet but I can sense it. He’ll be blue by morning but by then it’ll be too late. I can’t see him returning. He said he liked my flat. He said he wants his just like this. I gave him the name of the guy who did this place. We laughed a lot at the name. The guy’s called Randy. The designer, not the boy. I guess he must be only eighteen or nineteen. He’s at College, I think, he said he’s studying Medieval history. The guy who’d here, that is, not the designer. the designer must be forty if he’s a day. He has the loveliest grey eyes. This guy, Paul... He’s got lovely lovely eyes.’

‘How do you feel right now?’

‘I feel like I’m ten years old....NO, I’m joking. He’s lovely. I think I could love him, even his name. Paul. It’s a name of Saints. It’s a name you ought to have above the fireplace.’

I thought
about this for a few beats. ‘What do you want to talk about?’

Michael Nyman - Mozart


Bunyan, Paul Bunyan said...

This is sooo like my site! ...Well except your smart and short. But I'm real tall and not that smart, but I got your back, give me the word...PB

josh williams said...

You put a hell of alot of work into this, thank you.

piika said...

like some kind of cosmic collage

Loki said...

There's no work, just accidental excitement and slightly forced enthusiasm... thanks for the comments though... the cosmic collage is as near to my intentions as anyone's come...