Sunday, September 10, 2006

syzygy |ˈsizijē| |ˌsɪz1dʒi| |ˌsɪzɪdʒi|

syzygy |ˈsizijē| |ˌsɪz1dʒi| |ˌsɪzɪdʒi|
noun ( pl. -gies) Astronomy
a conjunction or opposition, esp. of the moon with the sun : the planets were aligned in syzygy.
• a pair of connected or corresponding things : animus and anima represent a supreme pair of opposites, the syzygy.
ORIGIN early 17th cent.: via late Latin from Greek suzugia, from suzugos ‘yoked, paired,’ from sun- ‘with, together’ + the stem of zeugnunai ‘to yoke.’

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