Sunday, September 17, 2006

Siobhan Donaghy's Transitional Phrasing

Later, in an odd calibration intended as a rebuke but softened by doe-eyed expressionism, Siobhan fought off all the EMI suitors and opened up a new can of wurms.

"Girl dun gut" etc only, this time, the faint embryonic clothes-horse that followed her dutifully (face like a scorched child) spoke up:

"I'll live for longer if you love me."

And this changed her mind for the split-second they needed to sow more weeds into the fillers and start spiking the ballads with off-centre pall-bearing Greek hype.

Siobhan thought longer.

"They'll make a whine out of all of you," they heard her say as she skipped a beat onto the conference table and then belted out her new demixture.

"I... heard something that didn't sound... right," mumbled one of them, his face already greasy from smearing £50 notes across his cheeks and eyes.

She spotted the flaw, managed it. Breaths caught a little; tuberculosis temporarily tickled it's way through the room and down the halls, getting in the throats of one of the T-girls, specially brought in to fend off the Haters and The Hives.

Siobhan held firm, refused to cave and went immediately into the Scorpion Attack Position, awaiting orders from above.


Siobhan Donaghy - Ghosts

A Yousssendit Sssurproduction via Zeon


stickleback2&cocainejesus said...

Better watch out for Siobhan then.

Loki said...

the girl is a phantomanimal, a terrible siren, a bleaker than thou shapeshifter...

a pop singer

Cocaine Jesus said...

a POP singer?
heaven forfend NO!!!