Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Never Forget

I went panopticamping last weekend. I thought about sleeping in a tent, but ultimately stayed in a panopticabin. Good times were had, though panopticabbage was not. I thought about it actually, and you either panoptican or panoptican't have a good time camping. There is no middle ground. After I returned home, I panopticalled my buddy Gus. He panopticartwheeled at the mention of the enjoyable time I had. That's a pretty ridiculous thing to do though, so I hung up the phone and hailed a panopticab (standard procedure). I told the driver, "Take me to the panopicaca!" He complied and I was there. But I forgot why I was there and decided I'd rather go back home and watch some panopticable. But before I could get back in the yellow panopticadillac... well, it left. At this point, with no reason for being here and no ride home, the only thing I could think to do was drugs. So I did drugs. It made me all panoticaddywhompus. Plus, I had already shot up some panopticaffeiene. Tomorrow, I will declare my night a bad one. But right now, it kicks some major panopticake.


Cocaine Jesus said...

is that fruit panopticake or is that chocolate?

Clifford Duffy said...

pan pan! pan! Pan O Pan Thy camping is camp deluxe and deconstructed of 'very' nice material commme ils dit!
how fair thy panopticon!