Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Atttention all day tarders and sinvestors
Bleaking views will realease on moonday !!! Watch it implode on soonday!!!
Premium Petroleum, HONK HONK. requires perverse sisterZone on Boy Band Prospect.
.. is pleased to announce that production rights to Alberta Canada collected throughout the drilling stage it was decided to purchase the rights
for this zone.
Due to wet women conditions falling down deeply misfoot and bible and able to mobilize equipment onto the the well testing priesthood. The anticipated two zones will be tested with 30 warfrin tablets to thin the mud. (As perversely as previously).!!!!!
mention -----, the women are still on tight hole status, and therefore the testing results will not be released until a future anticipates that prospective gas leaks are bunged up and hoovered(s)e(s) (with significant upside down potential).
We wall continue to preview potential joints with turd thirds.Brice Anal Thampom, B.A. Sc. ; President & CEO.
Sinvetsor ale rt don't miss another run on PP TL FcK UU
Already have your ways of boiling a tirade to circus is worthy not?
You surely do. a lot!
Tick Tock Tick: PPT L 0.0130 0.05 strnog b y e
Max west exploit natural gas. and technical Wetsern basin strategy ventures and assembled geology and

words by cocaine jesus

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