Saturday, September 09, 2006

five minute xanadu

five minute xanadu
after dali - 090706

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there's something north from here -
it's a long thing and i can't get it.
which sucks so i am bored - the south is fine
in the winter. i never thought you talked
funny either. just never whispered. over me.
which is something i rely upon.
so if this is a confessional fine.
i kept saying hello to everyone.
it was very burdensome in terms of my stress -
so i made some phone calls and now will be highly
more involved - a long time ago - going fast enough to
catch you - out of your black velvets and pardon me
for how your face twists twists ever so over canvases.


1 comment:

Cocaine Jesus said...

unusal and in my book that is always good.