Monday, September 11, 2006

dragon eyes

dragon eyes seize you. dragon eyes sees you. in a box. in your underwear. the crimes you trip. the railway stair. that idiot dance. the seafront stall. that kiss with tongues. the shopping mall.
dragon eyes got you. dragon eyes spot you. on the cobblestreet. slick with rain. subway haste. oncoming train. alive with interest. arrive with tyres. chewing gum footfall. gleaming spires.
dragon eyes meets you. dragon eyes greets you. a celluloid trap. a silver disc. the broken bottle. that sudden risk. football crowds. mums with prams. wreckless youth. a phalanx of trams.
dragon eyes takes you. dragon eyes makes you. a tower of glass. a power of past. a flower of steel. gasoline stale. chrome reveal. rainbow pale. dragon eyes thrills you. dragon eyes kills you. petroleum haze. traffic cone. neon glaze. broken phone. a bustle of taxis. a rustle of cash. a hustle of taxes. smell of trash. dragon eyes beats you. dragon eyes defeats you. in your car. in your bath. in your garden. and on the path. on your TV. on your text. on your PC. in your sex.

words by cocaine jesus

using inspiration from Don Vliet, Dada and a dash of Burroughs. the idea was to use a surrealistic approach and mix it with Burroughs cut and paste style and then add a Dadaistic flourish. this would then give each snippet of words a hammer blow impact to convey the theme and message. alternatively this is just another set of pretentious twaddle for a bunch of pretentious post-modernist intellectuals glory bound for change and art (with a capital F)

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Cocaine Jesus said...

who wrote this SHITE?
i mean it's crap.
fuck off and get a life you areshole.