Friday, September 22, 2006

Ageless Industrial Chillum Cello Bathroom Siva

after Stan Apps' _Hurt By Rumors_

~"unconditional reality"~


~"just wiggle the handle"~


The Prajipatis are eating Casesar salad.
This is what they said:

O Saints of
Industrial Bathrooms who
move like Rishi Cattle in the Mind
of Siva

mu mu mu (goes the Sacred Bathroom Traffic)

Siva just sitting
loading the Chillum
listening to the Cello of the Ageless Clouds
of his Bluest Skintones

in my Chest is an Industrial Bathroom Universe
my Breath is the Everlasting Popstar
of Pure Destruction

Rish Bathroom Cattle are Bluest Tidy Bowl
when the Cello Toilets Flush
the Face of Siva, a Pseudo-Siva
who is just band stickers

Thai Muslim Pellets eating Popstars
in Industrial Bathroom Rishis


The Snake of Siva
is a city whose industrial bathrooms
play Spike Jones
because of Muslim Generals
are eaten by Popstar Rishi Cattle

No Daddy No!
the infant Krishna
is floating in my toilet!

Jim Morrison is a lost little girl
in the Industrial Bathroom Labyrinth
of Siva's Chillum of Blue Skintones

for now we will call her General Alice
in Muslim Bathroomland

You're lost little girl
in the stampede of Rishi cattle

smoke the Chillumcommode
little girl
and breathe the rishi pellets
eating popstar bathroom cellos

there's a mulch of dead communists
for a halo toilet ring
in your industrial bathroom mind

take another hit
sweet chillum Siva

Saivite fascists have beautiful
facial tattoos
they have death's head lingams
on their spicy epaulet tonsil pallettes


this is the sound of industrial toilet cellos
this is the sound of Alice whose head is muslim hookah pillar
full of cattle rishi generals

Sri Siva's firm yet gentle Chillum guidance
will stimulate your powers of industrial bathroom

The "total access" club is offering FREE programs,
deep discounts, and VIP treatment
to eternal destruction

This anger came out in the form of an energy
from Siva's third eye which is used as a surveillance
camera in industrial popstar bathrooms

to combine complementary qualities in a single ambiguous figure
is really a political expression
of Insane Grotesque Wisdom
the lead singer of Muslim Rishi Cattle

who gargles with poison meat genius
in his posh 3rd world industrial bathroom lingam

before connecting his chillum
to the internet is
Generally Siva
just sitting
loading the chillum
listening to the cello of the ageless clouds
of his bluest skintones

in the industrial cellobowl
one can see the arduous journey of the chelaturd
on its way to the dark ashrama
of Muslim Hookahs

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Clifford Duffy said...

This text is under 'ar_rest'.
shambles forth the maker. of trick and rift.