Saturday, August 12, 2006


At first it was just the odd weave, some small animals tucked deep into her hair, trained to keep every strand in place, especially useful in Lambtuck, where the wind howled itself throught the streets by squeezing too little out of too much in the thin, mugging streetends and roadbits.

At first.

Later, she went for hairlocks, some of which turned into more or less fully grown spiders, invisible but itchy as they crawled unseen across her scalp, sometimes sending awful arachnid emotional ripples up her brain stem. She'd alwasy said she'd never hairlock but this was exceptional; if she didn't happen to live in Lambtuck, if she didn't happen to have hair like a Silvikrin commercial for the homeless... The usual grunts, nothing to see here.

But then a wind picked up before a wedding.

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Megan said...

Your blog is so neat.
I like that lady with snails in her hair.