Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Machinae Gesticulantes (How Chance and Stupidity Have Changed World History)

Polú Polú (Course harmony grass)*
dull pebbles


lilli pilli the satin ash


conceal the penury
of these thoughts

this terrible tree
'the heart tree'
some of whose chambers
are still luminous coals
others crisp moss
(or albino berries crawling w/ cynocephali [the tiny butterfly dog of the hoplon and aspis])
some moist
with bearded owlings
the peeling green immobility
staring (Q: Why does he skate on the water with boat-feet? A: It's supposed to be funny!)
through the lens of a single blue leg
and stretched over the openings
earth drum shreds of thirsting
images reformed:

The Battle of the Pygmies and the Cranes
in the Sea Urchin Heart of Harakiri.

O Barometer!
O Bowling Ball!
O Bernard Bador!
O Armand Marie Leroi!

to 'Machia'

to the abstract pituitary
and the pituitary of abstraction
quaffs the pragmatic phaeomelanin

(a hamlet of wooden huts on the frozen shores of
the Sea of Moscow)

The Dark Side of Criticism
Is the Shining Light of Realpolitik
Which is Crippled by a Mutation.

* Cat? ? And 叫? Shape eye nocturnal predatory bird. Underside amount? 个 course? ? Course harmony grass? Course and being
attached 于? ? Course cat? ? Large? Possession 167? Being attached 于 grass? Course cat? ? Possession 14? . Cat? ? The
mark large eye 睛 merely watching before the talent morning, main point direction? ? Watching? Engaging in necessary? ? ?
它 Mark. Cat? ? Mark? Child and? And it is soft? Talent? ? 270 degrees. Reason 于 right night? It to be possible, the
predation predatory bird, 它? Mark 听 power? Profit special? Importance. Cat? ? Mark? Bone non-? Name and reason 它 mark?
Merely the ear? With respect to absent identical horizontality, profitable 于 root 据 land? Thing? Mark voice? It comes?
Fixed? Material righteousness? Position. Cat? ? Right? Existence? ? Medium resident in entire world distributions most
广mark? ? 之 One. Removal Ryo north? Other than the area, many places of the world capital yes from here the watching
arriving at cat? ? Mark 踪 shadow. Cat? ? Mark? Possession chiku resident in? Cave village; In possession chiku resident
in stones and rocks; On possession chiku residence surface, 如 hole? ; ? In possession chiku resident in Sein palm. Each?
Cat? ? Lower 蛋 capital right white. Cat? ? Complete depending 靠 capture life? Thing? Food. ? Material size? Cat? ? Mark
somatotype size 而 fixed and small arriving at insect, large arriving at rabbit child capital possession. Yayuu one 些
from here 捉? ? Day child. Food middle impossible digest part, 如 bone? Hair? Feather, meeting? ? Forming corpuscle
counter? It comes. The analysis corpuscle component, yes from here the conclusion cat? ? Mark? Thing? Type. Ratio?
Normalcy? Mark cat? ? Possession north beauty? Section area? ? ? (And 叫? Ear? 叫? ) 栖 breath resident in European state
southern arriving at? Adding? Lake? ? (Angle? Being attached one? Cat? ? ). Multi? ? 于? ? Area cat? ? Quantity rare and
possession merely talent 从 natural history? Mark? Watching arriving at among this, 它? Mark? Characteristic 也 很 little
manned research? . ? Multi? Large-sized cat? ? The external form 很 the similarity, 但 叫 voice difference and root 据 叫
voice yes from here the bundle 它? Ku? ? It comes. ? ? Right large-sized cat? Mark one? . ? Upper possession 簇 condition
feather, non- little person? ? ? Right ear? ? ? Upper 它 giving ear? Sinking possession duty what? System. Large-sized
cat? ? In, the 栖 breath resident in beauty state merely possession big square? ? Possession large? 17? Distribution
resident in European state? State harmony non state. North one in 其? ? Distribution most 广. 从 斯 堪 Mark? ? ? Harmony west
group fang Japanese capital yes from here watching arriving at, 它? Mark body? Large? The possession 71 rin United
States. 妖? Right cat? ? Medium somatotype smallest one? ? 于 beauty national south harmony ink west 哥. Body? Merely the
possession 13 rin United States, the resident in 啄 wood? In the resident in large Sein palm 啄 it comes out, the cave
village chiku? Food small insect? Raw. Cat? In house being attached, non state 塞 tongue? ? Large? ? 昂 Confucianism 昂? ?
? ? ? Adding 斯 adding? ? Being attached? It is dangerous? Thing. Distribution resident in 克 national every place cat? ?
Large? Possession 26 being attached 于 nation two? Preservation? ? Thing. (A Metaphor of the Precise and Semi-precies
Spacing of Hair Follicles)

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