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The Houses in My Neighborhood

Monday, August 28, 2006


...wanted to take a leg or an arm off her or pull a few teeth from her still grinning head (singing the chorus from "Like a Beegee Skull" over and over and over) but finally settled for (some sheared hair) one plait, snipped while she was sleeping and swallowed hole

safe in the knowledge that it could stay there, undecayed

Later, she she woke, her head as lopsided as a grin, her face taking itself too seriously, had to suppress a rise from within that


Billie Ray Martin & Spooky - Persuasion

Being Monday, Throbbing Gristle covers day

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Liebschien Oh Gotterdamn

Oh liebschien
Oh liebschien
Oh how i love you
I want to take a photo of you as you poo
I know that must seem and odd thing to do
But liebschien
My liebschien
Oh how I love you

Oh gotterdamn
Oh gotterdamn
I dream but of thee
I will lay on my back and watch you as you pee
I want to shot a film and keep it on DVD
Dear liebschien
Dear liebschien
Forever you and me
words by cocaine jesus

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Behold a Rupture of the Bastard Crimson.

The long-haired sphinx wears
a knotted helmet of glass bamboo
whose single hollow tube is a wasp-hive
which terminates in a special chamber
inside the sphinx's head.

There, on tiny pillows of warm rubbery ice
is a whistling green 6-legged insectoid boar
whose silken tongue folds out like a paper
castle and inside among the black and white
patterned gallerys is the chromotrog, the neutral
captive, a pure being of color, an elemental agency
whose single devotion is the chromatic universe
in all its splendor.

The long haired sphinx is holding a crimson loaf, a blood red
batarde. There is a single tear moving down its cheek which
upon closer inspection turns out to be a tiny transparent
spider-mite with an infinitesimally small cacti-brain
with a single thorn which is an antenna and whose message
is a simple numeric frequency shift of whatever data it

Both the Sphinx's thumbnails are tiny video-screens.
One is an endless ocean, and the other and endless

The Sphinx says only one sentence:

Voyez la rupture du bâtard cramoisi.

frown on the tea spore

there upon the wiffleblat rise,
oh thorny, tawny excremental skys,
that dangle low cheek on her if's and whys
but upon a sleep
button on a sheep
butter onto a heap.
to lick the peas you might need honey
or peel it likewise green wet money,
for to fortune fade fast slick and funny.
but upon a steep
butter on a sheep
button up to weep.
this be not the reason for mudlaugh treason
that glimmers hot spot for a season
then settles low bop with its knees on
dusty floorboards,
rusty snowhoards
musty whore cords.
but forever now my brows are knit
with scurvy worry on my ears it sit
the pigment tail for fleas to flit
down on the seashore
clown on the bee snore
frown on the tea spore.

words by cocaine jesuit

Saturday, August 19, 2006

and so the bread lies bleeding in the corner while
your heart lies passive on the cutting board.
posted by doriandra
eventually, even nice, happy, smiley people have to eat shit
posted by cocaine jesus

Rabbit or Rat?
posted by stickleback2.
Find me a burning cinder
I can hold in my hand
Till it turns your
heart black.

And I will not
posted by inkblot
speak to the dark angels on discharge
Methane and menthol dip
Suck upon your lower lip
Crystal crack and stonewash heart
Another breakfast pearl at start
To finish and a little more
Hanging onto that iron door.
See the gentleman in a frock
With manly grip on his grateful cock
That he milks at noon and fade
To the ever passing peasant parade
That ladies with a false start
Embroider onto a plaid heart.
Perhaps and the maybe not
Life is but a fillip of snot.
worms by cocaine jesus

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


the answer ?
the asnwer ?
the swaner ?
the reswan ?


i and why
sit they to ponder the reasons
write shite like
fill the sky
retards bent syntax
on talking without piled crap
sense or in my lap?

words by cocaine jesus


maybe its funny?
maybe it aint?
maybe its runny
like rancid paint?
maybe its pointless?
maybe its tat?
maybe its genius
or just old hat?
maybe its pretentious?
maybe its art?
maybe its bogus
like a manufactured fart?

words by cocaine jesus

Machinae Gesticulantes (How Chance and Stupidity Have Changed World History)

Polú Polú (Course harmony grass)*
dull pebbles


lilli pilli the satin ash


conceal the penury
of these thoughts

this terrible tree
'the heart tree'
some of whose chambers
are still luminous coals
others crisp moss
(or albino berries crawling w/ cynocephali [the tiny butterfly dog of the hoplon and aspis])
some moist
with bearded owlings
the peeling green immobility
staring (Q: Why does he skate on the water with boat-feet? A: It's supposed to be funny!)
through the lens of a single blue leg
and stretched over the openings
earth drum shreds of thirsting
images reformed:

The Battle of the Pygmies and the Cranes
in the Sea Urchin Heart of Harakiri.

O Barometer!
O Bowling Ball!
O Bernard Bador!
O Armand Marie Leroi!

to 'Machia'

to the abstract pituitary
and the pituitary of abstraction
quaffs the pragmatic phaeomelanin

(a hamlet of wooden huts on the frozen shores of
the Sea of Moscow)

The Dark Side of Criticism
Is the Shining Light of Realpolitik
Which is Crippled by a Mutation.

* Cat? ? And 叫? Shape eye nocturnal predatory bird. Underside amount? 个 course? ? Course harmony grass? Course and being
attached 于? ? Course cat? ? Large? Possession 167? Being attached 于 grass? Course cat? ? Possession 14? . Cat? ? The
mark large eye 睛 merely watching before the talent morning, main point direction? ? Watching? Engaging in necessary? ? ?
它 Mark. Cat? ? Mark? Child and? And it is soft? Talent? ? 270 degrees. Reason 于 right night? It to be possible, the
predation predatory bird, 它? Mark 听 power? Profit special? Importance. Cat? ? Mark? Bone non-? Name and reason 它 mark?
Merely the ear? With respect to absent identical horizontality, profitable 于 root 据 land? Thing? Mark voice? It comes?
Fixed? Material righteousness? Position. Cat? ? Right? Existence? ? Medium resident in entire world distributions most
广mark? ? 之 One. Removal Ryo north? Other than the area, many places of the world capital yes from here the watching
arriving at cat? ? Mark 踪 shadow. Cat? ? Mark? Possession chiku resident in? Cave village; In possession chiku resident
in stones and rocks; On possession chiku residence surface, 如 hole? ; ? In possession chiku resident in Sein palm. Each?
Cat? ? Lower 蛋 capital right white. Cat? ? Complete depending 靠 capture life? Thing? Food. ? Material size? Cat? ? Mark
somatotype size 而 fixed and small arriving at insect, large arriving at rabbit child capital possession. Yayuu one 些
from here 捉? ? Day child. Food middle impossible digest part, 如 bone? Hair? Feather, meeting? ? Forming corpuscle
counter? It comes. The analysis corpuscle component, yes from here the conclusion cat? ? Mark? Thing? Type. Ratio?
Normalcy? Mark cat? ? Possession north beauty? Section area? ? ? (And 叫? Ear? 叫? ) 栖 breath resident in European state
southern arriving at? Adding? Lake? ? (Angle? Being attached one? Cat? ? ). Multi? ? 于? ? Area cat? ? Quantity rare and
possession merely talent 从 natural history? Mark? Watching arriving at among this, 它? Mark? Characteristic 也 很 little
manned research? . ? Multi? Large-sized cat? ? The external form 很 the similarity, 但 叫 voice difference and root 据 叫
voice yes from here the bundle 它? Ku? ? It comes. ? ? Right large-sized cat? Mark one? . ? Upper possession 簇 condition
feather, non- little person? ? ? Right ear? ? ? Upper 它 giving ear? Sinking possession duty what? System. Large-sized
cat? ? In, the 栖 breath resident in beauty state merely possession big square? ? Possession large? 17? Distribution
resident in European state? State harmony non state. North one in 其? ? Distribution most 广. 从 斯 堪 Mark? ? ? Harmony west
group fang Japanese capital yes from here watching arriving at, 它? Mark body? Large? The possession 71 rin United
States. 妖? Right cat? ? Medium somatotype smallest one? ? 于 beauty national south harmony ink west 哥. Body? Merely the
possession 13 rin United States, the resident in 啄 wood? In the resident in large Sein palm 啄 it comes out, the cave
village chiku? Food small insect? Raw. Cat? In house being attached, non state 塞 tongue? ? Large? ? 昂 Confucianism 昂? ?
? ? ? Adding 斯 adding? ? Being attached? It is dangerous? Thing. Distribution resident in 克 national every place cat? ?
Large? Possession 26 being attached 于 nation two? Preservation? ? Thing. (A Metaphor of the Precise and Semi-precies
Spacing of Hair Follicles)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Get thee to the Middle Ages!

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Monday, August 14, 2006


i drifted in like petrol
the stains of summer fresh on my breath,
in this partioned curlicue
a season can change
another reason without the hustle
and confinement of birth.

words by cocaine jesus

Saturday, August 12, 2006


corruption by cocaine jesus

The thoughts mirror

And what do YOU see?!


At first it was just the odd weave, some small animals tucked deep into her hair, trained to keep every strand in place, especially useful in Lambtuck, where the wind howled itself throught the streets by squeezing too little out of too much in the thin, mugging streetends and roadbits.

At first.

Later, she went for hairlocks, some of which turned into more or less fully grown spiders, invisible but itchy as they crawled unseen across her scalp, sometimes sending awful arachnid emotional ripples up her brain stem. She'd alwasy said she'd never hairlock but this was exceptional; if she didn't happen to live in Lambtuck, if she didn't happen to have hair like a Silvikrin commercial for the homeless... The usual grunts, nothing to see here.

But then a wind picked up before a wedding.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Room Traveller

The rooms had become unfamiliar to me, drifting off to discover their own separate identities. I moved now from one enclosed space to another not knowing where to tread, sometimes getting completely lost, as if I was instead crossing the borders of previously undiscovered towns or countries. I struggled to keep up with the ongoing conventions that were continually attaching themselves to each individual space I entered. It was becoming impossible to keep a track of everything. The changing cupboard spaces and seating arrangements required constant alterations of my body configuration, indeed if a chair or large ornament were moved then that room’s space would then become an entirely new area complete with new feelings and ergonomic demands upon me. At times it felt that I was surely being coerced into becoming a foreign traveller in my own home, my role now being reduced to tidying up after it and attending to the routine menial tasks like washing up and taking the bin out.

Yes, I could move around in whatever way or which ever direction that I wanted to, but then, out of intuition or merely by accident, I would find myself knocking into the jutting angle of a newly placed book or a casually laid box dropped awkwardly across a low lying coffee table. I would find myself falling, having to angle my body out of the way of objects in order to direct myself towards the horizontal carpet, landing like a giant Godzilla actor onto the artificially lit model landscape compiled of pens, pencils and heaps of dust covered papers. After first stabilising from the shudder of the impact, looking left and right to gauge my position, I would raise my chin up to assess the corners of the space above me. High up there amongst the light shades and light bulbs a new space would be caste into being, narrower and taller than the incarnations of the room that I had previously noted. My mind would then instinctively process new rules in order to secure the area.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

the ballad of red neck pete

i am looking for a woman who is down on her luck
who would fornicate with me in the back of my truck,
she won't need no foreplay and she won't need to flirt
just loosen up her blouse and hitch up her skirt.

and when we have all finished and my body fluids run
i will take her to a diner and put a burger in her bun
or if she's feeling tired and wants to rest her feet
she can put one out of the window and the other on my seat
while i slip my face down on her and then i can start to eat.

i'm looking for a woman who is down on her luck
i will pay her fifty dollars but not another buck.

words by cocaine jesus

Thursday, August 03, 2006