Friday, July 21, 2006

Robbe-Grillet Aeronipple Souffle'

blunt as belief
where intuiting finds a track

how distant the rotunda
and instant the tundra

can we share this leaf?

a maze abuses us, filo
paper magazine monolith yellow tooth

that~ in the sector
how can truth be ~that?
so terribly blunt (coulombsolitonsilentricularsinexusynergenesysiphuseizureckingonex
where intuiting belief

can we share this leaf?

sorghum lees lets
entangle our elephant lithop toes

the earth is a bulbous old nose, parsnip battleship wad
drippy pill grim age

i hate to say this in the newspaper

ass fucking in mecca mercury mississippian delta 9
canniballinolkalibontic fugue watunnakabbalahaha of Kyoto Weresnake

JMW Turnerhengeyokai, Botswana, and Tyrannosaurus Rex:

"Killing Fascists is itself Fascism," Hair Phantome of the Operand.

Haile Selassie Mango grove, er, rover, O Won't you fall over..

where the beast named 'fog and smoke' climbs
the jibbering 'baby-eating' totempole
made from stellar cartography, data barns, OVULONS,

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