Sunday, July 23, 2006


she's got that slime finger
a rancid little digit
she keeps it in a rubber glove
a puckered twee widgeit.
she keeps it greased and ready
upon my oath its green
and like a ritual vegetable
it is rarely ever seen.
at night she takes it out
and sniffs awhile upon it
it tastes like oiled banana
her paste is glory on it.
mervin don't believe her
when she says she's clean
"you got hairy titties and
a bald spot neverseen
but i bet the boys a dollar
that you could send 'em bandy
with a friction kiss from your lips
and a sneak view of your mandy".
but she don't care for boys
and girls just leave her hanging
for she rather score with a poodle
its tail raised and banging.

words by cocaine jesus


bestusedcarrs said...

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Cocaine Jesus said...

what sort of cunt are you? have you read the fucking post properly or are you just on fucking drugs?