Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Poker Chips

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This is a recent work by my husband. Since I am poetically and creatively challenged right now, I wanted to share his art with you.


Cocaine Jesus said...

now this i like.
where do we find out more about your husbands work?
does he have his own site (i think he does) and if so may we have the name and directions please?

Enemy of the Republic said...

He doesn't post his work. Yes, he has a site--2 actually-one he only keeps for blogger purposes and he never updates it and the other is on MySpace and it is more his intellectual musings. He should have a photojournal. I did suggest that he join Bloodless or even this site. I'm sure Loki wouldn't mind. But he doesn't self promote much, which is why I do it for him.

Cocaine Jesus said...

let me at him! let's get him onto bloodlessness. screw loki!!!