Monday, July 17, 2006

he as an abuse of the word cunt

your soul is defunct
you talk like a cunt
staccato syllables
staccato syllables
your intellect dribbles
staccato syllables.
i am amazed by
your mental drive by
that bullets dead sky
that bullets web fly.
what a fantastic decadence you are!
your mouth is obscene
your heart is unclean
ritual abuse
ritual abuse
your adverbs confuse
ritual abuse.
maybe i should tidy up my act
maybe i should try
but the more that i consider you
the more i wish you'd die.
what a fantastic decadence you are!
what a fantastic decadence you are!

words by cocaine jesus


Matina said...

Right on! A cunt's smell reaps anarchy ;-)

Cocaine Jesus said...

cunts are, as far as i am concerned, the most beautiful part of the female anatomy and the word cunt should not be used as a form of abuse but for this guy, who i described as a cunt, i appologise to all cunts everywhere. he is not a cunt. i wouldn't lick him. shoot him for sure but lick him never.
and yes, the smell of a cunt is to die for.

Enemy of the Republic said...

For a while, I thought you were writing about President Bush, but there is nothing fantastic about his decadence except his inability to admit it.

It would be nice if more men shared your views of that part of the female. Sometimes I wonder why they just don't dig a hole in the sand.

Cocaine Jesus said...

EN>>>sore and sandy willies maybe?

best4chance said...

Your are Nice. And so is your site! Maybe you need some more pictures. Will return in the near future.

Cocaine Jesus said...

best4chance>>>oh for fuck's sake READ the friggin' thing willya you fucking dipshit.