Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Falling Into A Loop Where Twin Winged Serpents Exit Its Nose, The Noise Romance of the Four Domains.

Biology was already multinational capitalism as language was already a fitness selector
among the fitness instructors whose tidepools of yogic incorporation had made their
initial public offering eons ago in the agon of spinal flowering. Human birdcages are
very likely to have gogo-girls inside their hollow glass teeth, for as "shag" is a 16th
century term for the Romanization of desire among the infidels of geological bacteriogenesis,
so too, is it, the fond dew of moltem kilims, the spherical ivory nodules hollowed by
lacy azure patterned tongues, where miniature tables and chairs might be anchored
to a heaving floor, such as these, Minotaur Thérèse, horned energy enframing the arc, the appendix
of dead end roads whose lashes leer through the mandibles of soap-bubble gargoyles
whose frigidarius of liquid Persia signals an animatronic Shedu with the head of de Sade,
that glowering Hungarian minstrel who shook his wig-rattle on the 6 o'clock news, that
Dawn of the Dead "Wilmot," that "Willen-wyrd," and woolen wyrm whose svelt catastropaean
enlivened the hoar of courtly çabots whose cauteleusements metheused in the entheogentrification
of the sovereign overshrouding's "A night of rain overshrouds the skein." Such is the sex
of much marble in the history of turning turn-coat coating the Terns whose breathless eyrie
was eerily lured by beclogging Clogdogdoses duly forwarding their deuterium delirium
through the conduits of the mala bestia, who as the bear-whelp of Jonson's "Silent Woman"
wept, a curiously Simian outline of jewels was deposited in the earth-bound pleats where
Tituba broadly enacted the Ergotism of the Yeatsian gyre, drawing the wry countenance of counting
whose clay-slipped ruminants were beggared by the lolling tongues of Claviceps' minions,
those purpurean onions whose castles like a filo-dough of philia must ever flake earthward
towards the humm and hush of Huntington's chora, that Cao Cao emperor poet who wrote
Though the Tortoise Lives Long the Black Noddy soars overheed.

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