Thursday, July 13, 2006


the concept for discharge was twofold

i love the stuff that transience did/does on
and i wanted to take that initial idea and mutate it into something darker.

i also love with a passion beyond reason everything that doriandra smith does on her genius site pica

why do i love doriandra so?
i once asked if she cared whether or not she got any comments?
her reply was all i needed
"not one rats ass"

and so i plotted with doriandra and i begged and pleaded and together we laid the bones down for our monster

imagine, if you will, the sound of mark e smith's the fall meets can meets doriandra's own EXP (you should listen) and comes out with a lick of the cocteau twins

THE DARK ANGELS had purpose and form and we multiplied


and then my good friend stickleback2

our adopted motto is the one our queen gave us

do we care?


visit the dark angels on discharge