Thursday, June 29, 2006

Summer Comes

Fauna - Summer Comes


20jazzfunkgreats said...

the traslation is good :

How was the meteorite ( that hit the earth before ) collision? We simulated it.
We assume this happend in modern earth to make the size of the meteor or the
positional relation of the collision easy to understand.

The size of meteor surpass the width of the Hon-Shu ( main island of Japan. Its
width is about 200km in most parts. )

The point of the collision is the Pacific 3000km south from Japan. The speed of
the metor is 70000km/h. It seems uncannily slow because the meteor is too huge.

Whole earth crust which is 10km thick is being peeled. This is the crust-tsunami.
4000m depth ocean stick to the crust-tsunami looks like a thin skin.

Big fragments, which width is like 1km, soar. Japanese islands is broken into shatters.

The fragments soar thousands of kilometers through the aerosphere and then fall to earth.

The edge of the crater is 7000km high. It looks like huge mountain chain. The diameter
of the crater is 4000km. It swallowed from Guam to part of China. But, it was only the
begginning of this disaster.

Right after the collision, from the universe, we can see the major player of the abnormal
incident. Burning colored huge agglomerate. This is the rock-atmo, agglomerate of
vaporized rock. The amount of vaporized rock is about 100-trillion-kilotonne.
After bulge quaquaversally, it spread to all direction at a burst.

3hours after the collision at south of Japan, rock-atmo reach Himalayan mountains.
The wind speed of the rock-atmo is 300m/h. It raid Himalayan mountains as 4000 degrees
C firely winds.In the world that covered with rock-atmo, snow melt at once and dry off
before making river.

(1day after the collision), rock-atomo reach Amazon, backside of the collision point.
Because of high temperature, trees break into a spontaneous flame one after another.
Jungle turn into sea of fire in a blink. 1day after the collision, earth is covered
with rock-atmo at last

Rock-atmo cover the earth over a year. It is the same that many suns appears close by.
Sea, the home of life, is also gotten in the shift.

Short time after covered with rock-atmo, sea come to a boil violently. Vast amounts
of heat from rock-atmo makes seawater fly off. Savage evaporation makes sea-level
lower at 5cm/min.Bared bed of the sea is exposed to the heat and begin to melt like lava.

1month after the collision, this is the earth's surface taken away rock-atmo. Sea ,
which average depth was 4000m, disappeared without a trace.

[the Mediterranean Sea]

At that time ( this indicates the real collision happend before ), it was not long
since the first life on earth was born as microorganism. They must be suffered a lot.

The earth seems to be full of nature and peacefull at first glance. But there were
many meteorite collisions. We - life on the earth survived through the repeated suffering.

psonica said...

I love your website. It has a lot of great pictures and is very informative.