Tuesday, June 27, 2006

frozen music
revealed in the quotation
of Order: language
has a shard of
some intimate connection
some bizarre way?
only one.

chanting about the kids
he describes what happens
having been broken ,
in color or tone
there are patterns.

a few days ago,
in the heart of America
does not guarantee the third .
These triads fit somehow into
the whacked out thing that
moves through our day.

I am proposing only
such connections as
really occur in
isolation, but to clusters of tone.
they don't interest me at all.

this is where it gets funny.
color, saturation
would have to lie
one could say glaring
to say that I think
the dominant (gnostic)
way, very lovely).

But I defer.
a kind of inherent structure
I've been working on for
a really boring
occult connectivity
with just about everything
I read

that these concepts are
coding. This tends to
sound like any other
mask for
limpid confusion
That is not there—

no empathy.
interested in sound
of raw nature to
Bloom in such a way

Or do I?

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