Friday, June 30, 2006

Alejandro Jodorowsky's Cinema

(Fando Y Lis - 1967)
"I think that if you want a picture to change the world, you must first change the actors in the picture. And before doing that you must change yourself. Right? This must be done. With every new picture, I must change myself, I must kill myself, and I must be born. I must kill the actors and they must be born. And the audiences, the audiences who go to the movies, must be assassinated, killed, destroyed, and they must leave the theatre as new people. This is a good picture."
(The Holy Mountain - 1973)
"I believe that the only end of all human activity -- whether it be politics, art, science, etc. -- is to find enlightment, to reach the state of enlightenment. I ask of film what most North Americans ask of psychedelic drugs. The difference being that when one creates a psychedelic film, he need not create a film that shows the visions of a person who has taken a pill; rather, he needs to manufacture the pill. I think that the journey of Alexander the Great is a psychedelic trip. Many say that Alexander the Great was an idiot because his conquest was so great, so complete, that he was actually progressing toward his ultimate failure. I think that Alexander the Great was journeying into the depths of his being. I think that Odysseus was another great traveler. I want to travel the route of the Odyssey, I want to travel the route of Alexander the Great. I want to travel into the deepest areas of my being in order to reach enlightenment."
(Santa Sangre - 1989)
"Sometimes I feel myself absolutely mad. I say what am I doing here? Because I feel reality so unreal and myself so strange. I have a mind, a liver, a heart. Everything I look and I feel is inside myself. It's not reality. What I am is enormous reaction. It is not the thing. I am not the feeling. I am what is felt. The man who feels. Everything is so subjective. If someone says to me, I am mad, I say yes, I am absolutely mad like all the civilization and like all the persons in this planet. I think all the humanity now is absolutely crazy and mad. And some day when my essence sees myself, how my ego is crazy and mad, I laugh -- with love and compassion. And in the moment when you have the enlightenment you start to laugh. Because you see yourself, how crazy and mad you are. Then you feel compassion. I have great pity on myself because I am so mad and crazy."


Mirco said...

A huge thank to Loki for the invitation to this blog. It's a cool project ;-)

Loki said...

no problem...thanks for your contribution(s)... i just liked the idea of throwing a few people together and seeing what emerged...

shepherdofsharks said...

thanks for these quotes, mirco. Fando Y Lis is one of my most favourite films. Jodorowsky's passion makes us all seem insane by comparison.

phaneronoemikon said...

cool tag mirco!

Jodorowsky has a new comic strip
out in Heavy Metal this issue.
Its sort of Juvvie but I like
his bodhisattva series. The one
in HM is from the history of the
Borgias. I'm just glad he's still working. The Mansions of Madness
by Juan Lopez Moctezuma and art direction by Leonora Carrington is also a great piece. Some wonderful
"Romantic Surrealist" poems come floating out, Electric Sphinx Temples, etc..

This is so funny what Alejandro
says about Iskander..

but Iskander himself said

If I was not Alexander
I would be Diogenes...

But Alexander cut
the gordian knot.

that is one of the purest
examples of the genius
of antagonism as logic
you will find in history.

Peter Slotedijk has a wonderful
account of Diogenes in his critique
of cynical reason, well worth checking out.

I also second the thanks.
Gret Blog ebbybodhi!

bradford said...

HOLY MOLEY! I l*ved those movies in college. Just reviewed again last year, still amazed - the revelatory level of living.